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Mr and Mrs MakeDo are in their 40s and believe that making the best of what you have and living life well, and at low cost, is a fabulous antidote to an expensive consumer driven lifestyle. It may even be the secret to escaping from the self-perpetuating process of commuting far, working long hours at well paid jobs in order to have enough to sustain all the expensive habits that come from having too little time to enjoy simple pleasures.
We are a family of 5 living in Ireland and we believe that living frugally, or not wastefully, can be most satisfying. We both worked at standard tech-industry jobs for years before Mrs MakeDo made the first move. She retired from cIMG_0911orporate life to start her own home-run business and to rear a family. Mr MakeDo is still plugging away at the tech–job but working towards more satisfying things. We aim to share our thoughts on how a family of 5 need not be so expensive to run, and our goal is to keep our annual living costs below €30,000/year while not sacrificing things we feel are important to a quality life.

Mr MakeDo also likes to fix, reuse and repurpose things. He likes to share his ideas on how this can save lots of money and reduce waste while providing many satisfying hours of figuring out how to meet your own needs. It also avoids bringing new stuff into the world.

Mrs MakeDo has developed a thriving home run business that has the aim to reuse and save money as its core mission. The BabyMarket Ireland ( has been meeting the needs of savvy parents across Ireland now since 2011 and continues to draw new customers who understand that re-using things is most sensible for everyone involved.

Our mission through this site is to help EMPOWER people to lead a quality life while spending less on stuff the world doesn’t need.