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Cars Part 1: Buying an Import

Image courtesy of The Irish Times. With the Euro / Sterling exchange rate recently becoming much more attractive for car buyers considering a UK import, we thought we’d describe our recent experience with this process for buying a car. Our new arrival in...
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We all want the best for our children…

…but does that really mean buying brand new stuff?? Or does it mean saving money for more important things, and reducing the landfills that our kids will have to deal with when they grow up? When we started this blog our intention was to share our ideas on...
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Farewell to a Not-So-Plastic-Free Month

Plastic Free July ended, for us, with a whimper rather than a satisfying bang as the family headed off to the Southeast of Ireland for 10 days of camping.  Suddenly all the changes we had made were overwhelming for us to keep up.  Gone were the cloth nappies and...
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Plastic Free July Diet!

My wife and I looked at each other…hmmm…”we both looked thinner? Or fitter? Or something?”. It had to be as a result of our newly restricted diet in July, an unexpected result of avoiding any food wrapped in disposable plastic packaging. We had two friends...
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We’re a family of 5 in Ireland, aiming to live a less consumer driven lifestyle by buying less and Making and Doing more for ourselves. Our mission through this site is to help EMPOWER people to lead a quality life while spending less on stuff the world doesn’t need.


We’re a family of 5 living in rural Ireland, learning to live a high quality of life by MAKING things we love from what’s already out there, and DOING our best to consume less.


Here’s a growing library of our reuse/repurposing projects from around  the house, with a bit of background on where the idea and materials came from.


Follow us on our adventure of upcycling, repurposing, reducing our wants and enjoying life more fully, and learn about others DOING the same!.