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Zero waste: a 6 month check in

It’s been a few months now since we started trying to minimize our household waste. The strange thing is that it’s been a lot easier than expected to keep ourselves at the much reduced waste level compared to where we were at initially …but very hard to progress...
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Money matters – part 1

A large part of our WeMakeDo philosophy is removing waste from our lives and building in self sufficiency where we can, mostly because of the satisfaction it brings but also because of the cost savings. We want to have a low-cost life and have set the goal for...
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De-Cluttering and Reuse

Clearing stuff from your life to make space for better things.. There is no doubt that stuff brings hassle. Of course stuff bring utility value and pleasure is many ways but if we are honest about the stuff we have chosen to surround ourselves with, does it all...
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“Sitting is the New Smoking”

In this post we stray a little from our recent interests in self sufficiency and minimizing waste to discuss a health concern we learned about that we felt important enough to share. There is a lot of recent writing about the dangers associated with a sedentary...
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We’re a family of 5 in Ireland, aiming to live a less consumer driven lifestyle by buying less and Making and Doing more for ourselves. Our mission through this site is to help EMPOWER people to lead a quality life while spending less on stuff the world doesn’t need.

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We’re a family of 5 living in rural Ireland, learning to live a high quality of life by MAKING things we love from what’s already out there, and DOING our best to consume less.


Here’s a growing library of our reuse/repurposing projects from around  the house, with a bit of background on where the idea and materials came from.


Follow us on our adventure of upcycling, repurposing, reducing our wants and enjoying life more fully, and learn about others DOING the same!.