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Play Kitchen

Kids do seem to be drawn to play kitchens for some reason and so we decided that putting one together for Christmas would be a fun project. Our local second hand furniture place had this TV stand for €10 which was the perfect starting point. It was great fun pulling bits off old microwaves and cookers to make some realistic kitchen appliance knobs for this. This model has a top of the range flat top hob (knobs to the left) with a build in microwave/oven down below. The back shelf was added from the internals of the TV stand. The trickiest part was fitting doors and hinges that were sturdy enough to take some battering. The sink was a pet food bowl and the real tap was also a rescued cast-off. This project was great fun and could have dragged on as we got wrapped up making it more realistic – for example plumbing the tap to a refillable water supply seemed like a good idea in our naivety, but thankfully we didn’t go that far in the end.